Possessing The Gate Of Fashion - Pastor Caleb Ajani

Longman Dictionary (Contemporary English) defined fashion as "Something that is popular or thought to be good at a particular time".

We have seen the pressure towards fashion trends to which contemporary youths are exposed. Fashion is of popular opinion and it thrives on majority approval. It can be of popular opinion on dressing, hairstyle etc. the fact remains that Christian youths live in the same world where non-christian are driven by the wind of fashion.

Sad still, some behaviours yet caught in the tide of Fashion trends. God wants believers to be the light that others follow. He wants us to possess the gate of fashion. We are to set the trends for others to follow not the other way around.

God does not want his own to conform to the pattern and custom of this world (Romans 12v2). He wants His children to be the example everywhere they go.

Will you pick up the challenge as you make modesty your watchword? Will you concentrate on beautifying your inner man and engage in the fashion enterprise that is based on your faith and Godliness?

I believe your answer to the questions above is positive. Shalom!

The world of Fashion will not take me away from God.
God, help me to beautify my inner man.
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