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About Believers Companion

Believer's Companion, a Nigerian blog site owned by Akinboye Akinpelumi, is a platform created to serve believers all over the world, by providing ease of access to the download of gospel songs, comedy videos, movies, and skill acquisition videos.

Our site is home to the best of Mind Transforming Music, that ease your mind from life’s daily pressures, Motivational Audios, that encourage and awaken the sleeping giant in you, and tutorial videos that empower you in your different endeavours.

We help our readers learn and improve various entrepreneurial skills, by providing video tutorials on skills like, makeup, baking, beads making, and head ties, and many more.

We also consistently publish articles aimed at educating our audience, especially youths, inspiring them to aspire to be better people, and members of the societies they belong to.

The Believer's Companion platform was also created from the need to assist talents in the country, to promote their various talents to a wider community. We hope to make life more meaningful and bearable to our audience.

If you are a Musician or an Entrepreneur, feel free to contact us to help you promote your songs, or other audios or videos, through our site.

If you also have inspiring articles you'll like to share with the world, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be glad to publish your great contents on our site.

Feel Free to Contact Us on any of our other platforms. We will love to hear from you.

Whatsapp: +2347032759228

Email: info@believerscompanion.com