Yemi Ogunwa – Wariri (Tremble)

Yemi Ogunwa is a seasoned worship leader, Vocal instructor, songwriter and producer. His new song Wariri (Tremble) is a call for worship.

About the song, Yemi Ogunwa said,
"I am sure the song will bless all as it blesses me every time I have had the opportunity to listen to it." 

Yemi Ogunwa - Wariri Lyrics

Ki gbogbo aye wariri 
(let the whole earth tremble)
L'abe ite baba l'oke
(At throne of the Almighty)
Orun, Osupa ewole
(Sun and moon bow)
Ke fiyin fun baba mimo
(And worship the Holy Father)
Baba mimo(Holy Father)
Omo mimo(Holy Son)
Emi mimo(Holy Spirit)

Adagbamatepa (Ageless one)
Eletigboro gbaroye
(All hearing One)
Ogbamu gbamu oju orun ose gbamu
(One that cannot be caged)

Atofarati bi one(The Reliable One)
Ogbenu wundia sola
(You glory in the womb of a virgin)
Ogbenu adelebo f'ohun
(Speaks in the womb of a woman)
Oba mioke(My King on High)

Baba mimo (Holy Father)
Ti gbogbo aye ban jupa
(If the whole earth worships)
Tawon orun njuba
(If the heavens worship)

Ti oorun n juba(If the Sun worships)
To supa njuba(If the moon worships)
Ti irawo njuba(If the stars worship)
Kilowa semi(Why won't I)
Kilowa semi ti mio nile juba
(Why won't I worship)

Kilowa semi(Why won't I)
Mowa riri f'oba ogo
(I tremble for the King of glory)
Mowariri ee(I tremble)
Mowariri(I tremble aa)
Morababa(I adore)Mo gbo suba(I hail)
F'akoda aye o
For the first among many brethren

F'aseda orun
(For the creator of heaven)
Mogbo suba(I hail)
(I tremble)
Mowariri f'oba ogo
(I tremble for the King of Glory) 

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