Michael Tse - In The Name of Jesus (Audio Download) | #BelieversCompanion

Michael Tse is an ardent pursuant of, and lover of Jesus who believes that if anything in life will ever hold meaning then it must have it's foundation in Jesus Christ. 

The Gboko - Benue State based minister who leads at the Hearts and Songs(HS) Ministries believes that what ever proceeds from Christ is indestructible, incorruptible, irresistible and unstoppable. The disciples would have an uphill task of of untying the ass and colt but as long as thier back up and authority was Jesus himself then they had a smooth sail accomplishing the mission they had embarked upon as recorded in Matthew 21:1-7. Only a man who comes in the name of the Lord has power over evil, sin and the troubles of life. Only a man who comes in the name of Jesus has absolute victory!

Download the song, In The Name of Jesus with the link below.

Powerful Song of Worship - 1 Hour of Total Worship

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