How To Turn Failure To Success - Apostle Olu Jacobs

Failure is not a person, failure is an event. That you failed yesterday does not make you a failure. We all failed sometime in our lives. Don't allow men to define you by your failure. 

We all have scars and stories we don't want people to hear of and none of us can claim perfection; but we should be striving to improve on our every stage of life.

You become a failure when you refuse to learn from your failures or when you refuse to rise again.

Great men in scriptures failed and started again and their later end was greater than their beginning. Abraham lied, Jacob was a cheat, Moses was a murderer, David was an adulterer, and Peter denied Jesus. The list is endless, but the book of Hebrews called them the HEROES of faith.

I counsel you today not to allow the MEMORIES of your failures to hold you down, there is a bigger, brighter and better future waiting for you. Remember that failure is ONLY AN EVENT. You can still be the best if you try again. 

I pray that God will give you the grace for a fresh start, power to do better in Jesus name.