Christians Should Care About Politics | #BelieversCompanion

For so many years Christians in Nigeria maintain a strategic distance from Politics; to them, to them, political commitment is innately pollutedrunning for an office or having a place with a political party is not meant for a true believer.

These group of believers (mentioned above) will boldly tell you that they are citizens of the City of God. That is completely right, however, we are likewise a citizen of the City of Men. The decisions made by the government have a substantial impact on everyone (including you); politics is unavoidable, it affects your life.

As a Citizen of the City of Men, the Holy Bible describes us as the Salt of the earth and the Light of the world in Matthew 5:13 & 14. 

Salt can't have any effect until the point when it is sprinkled in the food, turn together to give that desired taste. Likewise, the darkness will keep on ruling until the light comes to the party. To make an impact, dive into the political issues to have an impact on the nation, not living in the desire for making it a heaven.

The book of Ephesians 2:10 encourage us to do good to everyone. Engaging in good works should likewise include participating in the political process because of the legitimate and significant role of government. 

Government plays a role in the work of God's kingdom on earth. Many Christians embrace a mindset that earthly governing systems are inconsequential to the task of furthering the gospel. If you believe so, congratulations. I am not here to contend or change your conviction. Be that as it may, I want you to secretly ask a Pastor of a church attempting to build a church, hey will reveal to you how the government can either help to fast-track the project or frustrate the efforts.

Good government also encourage an environment conducive for people living peaceably, whereas bad government fosters unrest and instability. You want the good governance you desire, join politics today.