The Power of Positive Declaration | #BelieversCompanion

Prophetic declaration is a powerful tool you've been sleeping on. 
Contemporary English Version Words can bring death or life! Talk too much, and you will eat everything you say. - Proverbs 18:21 
 The words you speak turn into the product of tomorrow's favors throughout your life. A piece of the lyrics of a song by Myron Butler titled Speak says "I shall have, what I decree, yes I believe. It belongs to me".

Positive declaration without believe yield nothing. With a strong believe and confidence in your heart, whatever God has declared to you, speak it to the atmosphere and perceive how you will start to shape your life towards what God has articulated about your life.

I urge you to walk around your home, school, work environment and wherever you might be, open up your mouth and pronounce positive words into your life. Healing, Deliverance, Success, Achievements and all you can think of is all yours. You will have all that you've announced in the powerful name of Jesus.

This article is shape out of a ground breaking song of positive declaration by Myron Butler. The song is titled Speak. Download with this LINK
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