How To Style Throw Pillows At Home (The Pillow Rules)

If you are looking for a magical decorating tip for your living room, throw pillows can easily be your magic wand. A good throw pillow mix is one that doesn’t look too contrived or that it is trying too hard to stick to the “rules” but is secretly following the throw Pillow rules.
Throw Pillows make or break a living room that is why you have to get it right. Here are some guidelines to get yours just right:

Rule Number 1.  You cannot have too many throw pillows on the bed or couch, it goes against the essence of having them there.

Rule Number 2. Pay attention to the colour detail. Matching the colour of the throw pillows with the theme colours of the rooms or couches you want to put them matter a lot.

Rule Number 3. Patterns and Fabrics are key. Apart from the colours, the patterns of the fabric to be used is key. If you have love for patterned throw pillows, make sure that pattern picks up at least one colour that is already in your living room.

Rule Number 4. Don't match the sofa. A white sofa with white throw pillows is just too much

Rule Number 5. Don’t buy throw pillows smaller than 20 for a sofa.  The dimensions of the throw pillows also matter. If you really love small pillows, it is advisable to mix the sizes.

The beauty of your space does not only come from how much  decorative stuff you put there, it also depends on how much thought and creativity you put into arranging and blending them.

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