Do Not Be A Contentious Person At Work

A contentious person is someone who likes to argue or fight. A good description of a contentious person is that person you know that often considers himself or herself very honest and upfront (Na dem holy pass). In fact, they usually take pride in telling you "the way things really are." 

A contentious person also

Find it hard to get along with another colleague
Every boss knows this. When an employee cannot get along with other employees, profits are lost. That employee becomes costly. Focus is broken. Other employees become emotionally fragmented.  

A Contentious Person Oppose The Greatest Law of Success On Earth
Contentious people destroys the momentum, bonding, and synergy that agreement can create. Contentious people are in total opposition to the law of agreement, the greatest law of success on earth.

A Contentious Person Enjoys Argument, Disputings, and Opposing Whatever Has Been Spoken
Contentious people always ignore every point of agreement. They always want their own points to be on top of others.

A Contentious Person Is Always A Door For Satan To Launch Every Evil Work In An Organization
James 3v16 - For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

When someone permits the spirit of conflict and disputing to enter their life, they will influence and affect everyone around them. Try as much as you can to affect people for good, do not be a contentious person.

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