The Man Behind The R'Tunes Show By Barr. Anita Briggs

Most people who go to musical events or shows are there to see their favourite musicians play or to have a swell time. But Leroi Okonny is not your average person. When this musician and motivational speaker goes to an event, it is because he hosts them, and not only does he host them, he plays and guess what? Talks in them! 

“It is always satisfying,” says Leroi Okonny who has already racked up an impressive resume that includes hosting shows in some cities in Nigeria.

Leroi is from the Southern part of Nigeria, Rivers State. He first started playing music in 2011 when he enrolled to study music in the unique University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. He was so inspired by the learning environment that he was driven by passion to get a keyboard and learn how to play his favourite songs. He had no favourite band or musician growing up. However, he had good mentors from the department of Music, University of Port Harcourt. On the list is Professor Onyee Nwankpa, Mr. James Amaegbe, Mr. Kachi Nwanze, Mr. Anthony Okoro, Mr. Tuoyo Esemagbele, Mr. Precious Omuku, Mr. Albert G. Alfred and notable colleagues; Kingsley Ajie, Fortune Mene, Nana Aisha, Efemena Joyce Orior, Tonye Ekine, Ihechi Achom, and Victor Frank Okon who supported him to become better.

He started playing professionally in 2013, two years later after he got enrolled to study Music. His career began to take off in the later part of the same year 2013.

When asked how he got motivated to go into music and talks, he said:
“The passion to express myself motivated me into music and talks, I was scared of talking because I didn’t know how to express myself with words. Music gave me that platform to express myself with my instrument. As my confidence grew, I realised that I could express myself with words by encouraging someone.”


In 2014, he hosted the 1st edition of the Show in Port Harcourt, which at the time was called “The R’tunes Band” tagged ‘an evening of heart and soul’ featuring Oluwafunmilayo Masebinu popularly known as Phunmi or PhuPhu as her friends call her. He had so many local and up-coming artistes in attendance and was supported by various organisations including Radio FM Port-Harcourt, Beat Box Xclusive Studios and Karrato.

“It was my first show, so I was overly anxious. I was nervous. But, of course it got better when I hosted the second edition.”


He progressed to host the 2nd edition in 2015, which saw more input and turn up as various people had become aware of this show in the city of Port Harcourt. 

By the time he had graduated from the University, Mr. Okonny had already hosted shows both in his school and outside the school; he had gradually stolen the heart of entertainers in the City of Port-Harcourt.


In 2016, he hosted the 3rd edition of the show in Port Harcourt, which was now officially “The R’tunes Show”. He had various prominent entertainers in Port Harcourt in attendance and even celebrities like Dr. Sam Dede was there to grace the occasion. He also had the sponsorship of churches like The Rest Place, and speakers like Rev. Gina Ekiyor. It was a never-to-forget experience for people who were in attendance.


Next up, on the 22nd October 2016, he was invited to speak at the tRANSFORM conference hosted by Rev. Ikenna Amadi, which held in Port Harcourt. Since then, he has been given opportunities to speak on various platforms in the city and beyond.


Recently in 2017, he hosted the 4th edition of The R’tunes Show in the city of Jalingo, all the way - in Taraba State, the north-eastern part of Nigeria. He had feedbacks from people who attended, especially musicians and entertainers who testified of never seeing something like The R’tunes Show brand before: one that encompasses both music and motivational talks. 

Leroi Okonny is very passionate about many genres of music, and also being a motivational speaker, he has spoken on various platforms to encourage people to become better versions of themselves. His joy is centered around the impact his show has on people. 

Now, this music and talks sensation is on to the next big thing: to host his latest edition of The R’tunes Show in the city of Abuja as preparations are currently being made. 
“The R’Tunes Show is an interpretive music and talk show aimed at entertaining and inspiring all classes of people from all walks of life. Helping talented individuals with the opportunity and platform to showcase their artistic talents. This edition will be explosive... first of all, I have friends from the just concluded The Voice Nigeria (Precious Emmanuel and Emmanuel Okafor, fondly called Mr. Grey); they will be performing live. I also have seasoned speakers who will be on set with me for the talks on Entrepreneurship, Career Building, and Life Style respectively. It will be entertainment at its peak, and I cannot overemphasize the reality that it will be an informative show”
Barr. Anita Briggs
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