Nigerian Gospel Musician, Casey ED Release Debut Album | @Casey_Ed

Nigerian Gospel Musician, Casey ED releases his debut album Sounds and Clouds. The album, Sounds and Clouds is a blend of unique sounds and a very creative body of work. Think about the whole world as one big beautiful painting filled with so many colors. They are all beautiful in unity despite their own individuality communicating that one and the same message.

This project goes beyond race, genre, culture and tags.. Everyone person, every individual is a sound and sounds have colors when you picture them mentally or perceive them with the eye of the spirit.

The compilation engages the listener on an entertaining, educational, poetical, moral and spiritual level. It features spoken word delivery, with quotes, music of creatively blended genres e.g. blended with country and African tones etc The project also shows Casey ED veracity in his vocal tone expressions. The ability to sound with different vocal textures. Beyond the musical aspect, each song contains a strong message. The world today is filled with an endless list of challenges, turmoil , cries of pain, loss, wickedness etc Its sound a intense dilemma but here’s a compilation that gives voice to positive beautiful possibilities. #SOUNDSANDCOLORS is a crusade of a free spirit and open mind.

Casey ED release the lead single for the album titled K.O.M.A some days ago, K.O.M.A which simply means Knowledge Of the Measure of Agape is a powerful worship song. Get the album with the link provided below.

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