#MondayMaxim! How to look beautiful without makeup (Male Female)

3 simple tip for everyone to have a beautiful skin and face; you don't even need to make up to enhance your face or any part of your body, you are GOOD-TO-GO at all times. this is natural and not expensive at all. Here they are:

1. Take care of your body- eat good food, take enough water, do exercises and get enough sleep.

2. Take care of your skin and hair - as your skin and hair is always the first thing that attracts people to you, make your hair very nice and make your face look very good with smiles.

   a. Always apply a Good hair cream and style or cut it beautifully

   b. A nice cleanser is enough for all skin types.....too many products spoil the skin especially the face 

   c. Get a nice body cream that is good for your skin. don't use anything harsh on your skin.

3. Take very good care of your health - watch your health at all times. do everything to make yourself healthy. Health is wealth. be aware of any slight change in your health. Go to the hospital when needed.

These are tips Tested and Trusted. 

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