Doing What You Love - Daniel Faith

There are a great satisfaction and fulfillment in doing what you love, you'll just keep smiling and keep enjoying yourself. What brought this to mind is a patrolman I always see on my way to work every day, he's always standing on this junction at Offa road, Ilorin, Kwara state.

This young man controls the traffic coming from Sabo-Oke, government house road, post office and Tanke. He does this work enthusiastically and in a very agile manner, he's always smiling and doesn't waste time, and believe me, no driver that tours the road has a problem with him, they're always greeting and commending him for a job well done. 

Anyone who sees this man knows that he's greatly in love with what he's doing because he does it joyfully, I've never seen him in a foul mood since over four years that I've been taking that road. I sincerely feel that whenever he resumes work in the morning as the traffic comptroller in charge of that road, he feels on top of the world, he forgets his status as a mere man, and he sees himself as a demigod, after all, he's the one controlling every of our movements on that road. I also feel that as at this moment, he's a man without worries. 

This is the man that made me understand the difference between doing what you love and wanna do as opposed to doing what you could lay your hands on. This is a call to we young people to do what makes us feel fulfilled, parents should also allow their wards do what they love, and as for those who already find themselves doing what they don't actually love, you don't have to leave that job, but you can make yourself love it and make the most of it.

Believe me, nothing beats doing what you love, and no job is too lowly when you love it.