Top Ten New Gospel Songs - March 2017

Hello, how was last week? Last week for me was a little bit stressful as I was left with no choice than to attend to so many things almost at the same time. But, no matter how busy I am, I am dedicated to bringing you the Top Ten Gospel Music for the week.  

Last week, Jaykings topped the chart with his single titled "Yahweh". Can he maintain his position this week? If you are ready, I am ready, check out below listed top 10 new Gospel songs for the second week of March 2017. 

10. Mega - Stand
Last week, Mega's song titled "Stand" was the number six (6) song on the chart but has dropped to the number ten (10) position.  "Stand" is a beautiful piece that will leave you in deep thoughts. I have been glued to the poetry ever since I downloaded it.  You can help Mega stay on the Chart. Click Here Now.

9.  Sola ft Rev. Tunde Afe - Go Forward
Just like Mega, Sola dropped to number nine (9) from number four (4) this week. Sola who connected with Rev. Tunde Afe in a song titled "Go Forward" will depend on your vote to stay on the chart next week. You want Sola's song on the chart next week? Click Here Now.

8. Olusola Asaolu - I'm Alive | Badejo Jeremiah - Eledumare
For the first time, we have a tie. No, not in the number one position but the number eight (8) position! Sitting in the number (8) position this week are two powerful message in the form of a song by Olusola Asaolu "I'm Alive" and Badejo Jeremiah "Eledumare".

The two songs are making their breakthrough into the chart for the first time, the question therefore is, will the two songs break into the top five (5) come next week or will the songs move out of the top ten songs for the week? You have the power to make that happen. 

Olusola Asaolu "I'm Alive" is a thanksgiving song. Olusola wrote the song after he escapes an accident. The song is dedicated to all those who have a reason to thank God for keeping them alive. If you ask me, I will say: "The song is dedicated to you!".
For Olusola Asaolu "I'm Alive" - Click Here 

"Eledumare" by Badejo Jeremiah is a powerful Yoruba worship song that describes God as the Almighty. The Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta graduate describes God like you never heard it. For Badejo Jeremiah "Eledumare" - Click Here

7. Faith Yebo - "Nagode Yesu"
Faith Yebo drops off the top five this week as her song "Nagode Yesu" slips off from number three (3) position to sit at number seven (7) this week.  "Nagode Yesu" is a Hausa language meaning "Thank you, Jesus". The song which is a contemporary blend of the rich Hausa language and English will need your vote to return to the top five next week. Click Here Now to Vote 

6. Pearlshine - "I Thrive"

LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry sunshine Pearlshine song titled "I Thrive" is the number six (6) song for the week.  According to Pearlshine, the song "I Thrive" is a song of the Spirit based on the proclamation by the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, that 2017 is the year of Flourishing. Help Pearlshine break into the Top five (5) next week, Click Here

Whoops! Now that we have seen out the top 5 from the bottom, it is time to see who the big boys of the week are. Calm your nerves by taking a deep breath, now let's go!

Her first official single as an artiste earn her a spot in the Top Five (5) Music of the week! That is a testimony, right? Ogecha's song titled "Intentionally Woman" celebrates women who are doing great and amazing things with the life God has given to them. "Intentionally woman" also inspires other women (and the men that love them) all around the world to get up and take the steps necessary to making the best out of the life God has given them. Help Ogecha keep her place on the chart next week. Just Click Here to Vote

4. Minstrel Akan - "Time To Soar"
Minstrel Akan song titled "Time to Soar" is the number four (4) song for the week. "Time to Soar" is a song that aims at helping you raise your spirit in preparation for an upliftment. If you ask me, I will gladly say: "I want to SOAR to my destiny!" Click Here to keep this song on the chart next week.

3. Kaybee ft Formula - "Something"
If an upcoming artiste rises to the number three (3) position on the Top Ten Chart, then you can be rest assure that the song is a  powerful message. You can help him maintain his position. Click Here

2. Neken Chuwang - "Made A Way" 
Neken Chuwang song titled "Made A Way" which is a cover for Travis Greene's "Made A Way" maintained his position as he still sits in the number two (2) position this week. The Plateau, Jos-based Gospel musician, Neken Chuwang adds some African flavor to the song. Will he still maintain this position next week or move a step ahead? Click Here to Vote for Him 

1. Jaykings - "Yahweh"
For the second week in a roll, Jaykings song titled "Yahweh" is the song of the week! The Toosh Beatz produced single needs to maintain this position one more time to be the song of the month. You can make that happen by hitting this link. 

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