Top Ten (10) Nigerian Gospel Music - March 2017

Last week, Jaykings topped the chart for the second week running, Olusola Asaolu and Badejo Jeremiah became the first tie on our chart as they were jointly settled at the number 8 position, Neken Chuwang continues the chase as he tries to over throw Jaykings in the number one position while Ogecha Intentionally Woman made her first appearance on the chart.
This Week, we have four new entries on the chart, this means four musicians drop off the list from last week. The gospel group, Infinity returns with a single which made it's way into the chart in no time, Frank Edwards song titled "I Am On My Way" featuring Tim Godfrey narrowly missed out of the Top Ten, while Neken Chuwang and Jaykings continues the fight for the song of the Month.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Please, welcome to the Top 10 Gospel Music of the week. If you are ready, let's get started! 

10. Mario Great - "Beyond Description"
Mario Great debut on the chart with his song titled "Beyond Description". The Praise and Worship song has a simple chorus and lyrically verses. 

Will Mario Great hold on until the end of the month, or will he fall off the chart? The power is with you. Click Here to help him stay on the chart.

9. Infinity - "Pali" 
Remember the group Infinity? They top every chart with their hit single "Olori Oko" some years ago. The group released a brand new single in recent times titled "Pali". 

The chorus of the song is so popular among the Yorubas that your grandma in the village can relate to its lyrics. The song occupies the number 9 position for this week. If you will like to see the song on the list next week, go ahead and click on this link.

8. Badejo Jeremiah - "Eledumare"
Badejo Jeremiah's song titled "Eledumare" made his way into this month chart last week as he shared the number 8 position with Olusola Asaolu. The Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta graduate maintained the same position this week. 

Will he drop off the chart, remain in the same position, or moved to a better position on the chart next week? The power is in your hand. Click Here if you will like him to remain on the chart.

7. Sophy Yah - "God Can" & Enkay - "Ezem" 
And we have a tie again this week! Sophy  Yah new single "God Can" and Enkay's song "Ezem" made their first appearances on the chart in a big way as the two songs shares the number 7 position this week.

Sophy Yah's song encourages those who are weary and losing hope in God while Enkay celebrates her 10th Marriage Anniversary with the song titled "Ezem".

Will you like to see Sophy Yah on the Chart next week? Click Here now, for Enkay song "Ezem", click on this link.

6. Tolulope Johnson - "Jesu Lo'luwa"
Another new entry in the chart! Tolulope Johnson made an announcement on the chart with a single titled "Jesu Lo'luwa" loosely translated as "Jesus is Lord". Few points away from the Top 5 spot, it is left to be seen if Tolulope will break into the Top 5 songs next week. Click Here to help Tolulope get into the Top 5 songs of the week.

5. Olusola Asaolu - "I'm Alive"
Olushola Asaolu who shared the number 8 position last week has joined the big 5 of the week as he moved three places up the chart! The song "I'm Alive" was dedicated to all those who have one thing or two to thank God for. You can push the song into the Top 3 next week. Just Click Here.

4. Minstrel Akan - "Time To Soar"
Minstrel Akan song titled "Time to Soar" occupied the number 4 position last week, this week, he maintains the same position. 

"Time to Soar" is a song that aim at helping you raise your spirit in preparation for an upliftment. If you ask me, I will gladly say: "I want to SOAR to my destiny!" The song deserve to go higher on the chart. You can make that happen by clicking on this link. 

Ogecha registered her appearance on the chart last week as she burst into the Top 5 song of the week. Without wasting time, "Intentionally Woman" which celebrates women who are doing great and amazing things with the life God has given to them, deliberate women who refuse to just let life happen to them, women who are determined to conquer the odds and make the most of whatever situation they find themselves has now joined the bigger boys in the Top 3 position on the chart. 

I smell the power of women here! Can they push her to the number one position next week? Click Here to make that happen!

2. Neken Chuwang - "Made A Way" 
Neken Chuwang remain in the number two position for the third time this month.

Chuwang's song "Made A Way" which is a cover of Travis Greene original version has now missed out of the song of the Month. Chuwang creates a new record of holding down the number two position for three weeks on a roll. You can still help Chuwang claim the number one position next week by clicking this link.

1. Jaykings - "Yahweh"
For the third week in a roll, Jaykings song titled "Yahweh" sits in the number position of the Top Ten Gospel Music of the week!

"Yahweh" joined other songs such as Nathaniel Bassey's "Onise Iyanu" and Okey Sokay effort titled "Oyel" as one of the dominating Gospel Songs released in recent times. The song has become the Song of the Month as it has occupy the number one position in three weeks with two more weeks to go before the end of the Month.

Congratulations Jaykings!

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