The Real Meaning Behind These 8 Most Popular Flower Colors

IMAGE RESULT FOR FLOWERS IN A BUNCH         Read this yesterday and i decided to share it with everyone.
There are many different types flowers and each flower has a unique and elegant spark which can represent diverse meanings. The choice of a flower or rose is often important to the heart, but it is also important that we know exactly what their colours represent.
Not understanding this very important aspect of colour choice before choosing any type of rose or flower can ruin the intention behind gifting it.

Here, is an inventory of what you need to know about these 8 different types of flower colours and what they represent.

1. Red-Flowers
The colour red is naturally associated with love and passion. Red flowers represent love, power, fire, and blood. A red flower will evoke a clear statement of love, with a powerful message of intense feelings and romantic thunderbolt.
Red flowers are naturally known as the unquestioned colour of passion.

2. Pink-Flowers

Pink colour, symbolises youthfulness, gentleness, and affection. Pink flowers are the colour of little girls, fairy tales and sweets. Whatever the occasion, the pink colour will evoke the sweetness and tenderness of youthful adventures. This colour grabs attention, send the fragrance of friendship, and tender love to its recipient.

3. Purple-Flowers
While purple is the colour of royalty and wealth, purple flowers are also associated with peace, gentleness, humbleness, generosity, and humility. Purple flowers, express the delicacy and depth of feelings, reminding its recipient of love, thoughtfulness and honour.

4. White-Flowers
White is commonly associated with purity, and traditionally associated with compliance, acceptance, beginning of a new dawn, and cleanliness. That’s why they are readily used during an engagement and wedding ceremonies. They are known to candidly address a message of trust, and loyalty.

5. Green-Flowers

The green colour is naturally present in nature, and floral arrangements. Green flowers are aligned with hope, abundance, and sincerity. Green flowers emit this unique and unconscious power that can quietly pull it recipients away from a state of despair, bondage, and hopelessness.
A perfect gift for those in despair.

6. Yellow-Flowers
Yellow colour evokes feelings of lightheartedness. Yellow flowers are known to be the most visible in nature, they are a reflection of indispensable stars and a source of energy to earth. Yellow flowers convey a message filled with optimism and energy for the near future.

7. Blue Flowers

The blue colour is known as the colour of dreams, escape, travel and adventures. Blue flowers release a personal message with a very strong poetic invitation to discover new horizons together.

8. Orange Flowers
Imagine the feeling of waking up without any responsibilities on a warm day. The possibilities are endless. Orange flowers represent the tone of indifference, joy, and comfort.
Give a bouquet of orange flowers to your loved once, if you intend to share and pass a message of happiness and gratefulness.

Flower Color Combinations
Flowers send varying messages based on their colours. They also cover some of the world’s most important personal messages. Therefore, it is important to know exactly what these elegant and adorable bouquets are saying.

Irrespective of the colour in mind, it is advisable to follow a few rules of the language of colours so as not to mumble up the meanings. For example, a combination of white and pink flowers is a sure bet to seduce and lure, for any occasion.

Red and pink flowers will convey a strong message of unquestionable love. However, the alliance of red and green flowers are known to represent Christmas and good tidings.

For decades, these colour messages have been written down and exchanged as the symbolic meaning of what flower colours expresses. Take into consideration these colour meanings when choosing the next type of flower bouquet for your loved one.

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