The Danger of Using Your Phone In The Bathroom

One of the advantages of our phone is its mobility. We can take it anywhere, respond to messages in real time and communicate through phone calls anywhere, anytime.

But then, the mobility of our phone can open us to some dangers. Dangers that can claim our life.
A man named Richard Bull was charging his phone next to the tube when it accidentally fell into the water.

He was electrocuted and died immediately as a result. His wife, Tanya found his body, she thought her husband has been attacked because his burn was so severe.

She immediately called the Police, the Police during their investigation, they discover he had connected an extension box to the bathroom to enable him use the phone while in the tub.
Richard's mother, Carole said:

"I have been worried that so many people especially teenagers that can't be separated from their phones, don't know how dangerous it is".

If you have been using your phone in the bathroom, please, stop it oh!
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