Birthday Girl (A Short Story)

It was her birthday, and Esther was waiting for her husband Pelumi to show up with her birthday gift. He has never remembered her birthday since they got married three years ago. He promised to remember this year and she even helped him to remember just yesterday night before they went to bed. Yet, the morning came, he woke up beside her and walk himself to the bathroom without saying a word to her, he got dressed and rushed out of the house.

He has promised to buy her a birthday gift when she reminded him of her birthday last night, maybe he want to surpise her she thought to herself, well, she will soon find out soon enough. She moved to the window and watched him drive out of the house in a hurry. She looked at the time before heading to the bathroom to prepare for work.

When Esther got to the office, her colleagues celebrated her birthday in grand style, everyone presents a gift to her, she was very happy. Her facebook timeline was flooded with messages, her Whatsapp keeps beeping, while a whole lot of friends and family called her to celebrate with her even as they are far from her reach. She felt loved. But, her husband didn't call.

The door bed rang, she checked the time, 7:47 pm, she opened the door waiting to see if Pelumi remembered his promises, She found her husband smiling, "Good evening darling" he said in the sweetest way possible, her heart melt, "He remembered!" she said within herself, she kissed him, took his bag and then usher him in. 

"So, where is it?" she asked as she drops the bag on the table, "Where is what?" he replied. Her face dropped. She was annoyed, He forgot again, she wanted to say something but the phone upstairs interrupted. "I will go upstairs to pick that call and before I return down here, you better remember what today is!" she screams as she turned away in anger.
Pelumi did not think about it too long but watch as his wife walks off in anger. Today is a Tuesday, Champions League starts by 8:45 pm, what else can today be again? he said to himself as he picks up his bag in between loosening his tie.

Esther picked the phone, it was a man who spoke
"Hello ma'am, I'm Calling from the Police Station. Is this Mr. Pelumi Adeganga's house?"

"Yes it is"

"I'm sorry ma'am; there was an accident along Oshodi-Mile 2 and a man died. We got the number from his wallet, and we need you to come and identify his body as we believe the man's name is Mr. Pelumi Adeganga".

Esther's heart sank! She was shocked! 

"But my husband is here with me," she said

"Sorry ma'am, but the incident took place around 5 pm when he was crossing to the other side of the road into a supermarket

Esther was about to lose her mind, how could this happen! She had heard about the soul of the person coming to meet a loved one before it finally leaves for eternity!

She ran into the parlor. He was not there. It was true! Oh, God! She would have died for another chance to be with him without getting angry at him for not showing up with a gift. No! She screamed and rolled on the floor.

Suddenly, there was a noise from the kitchen. The door opened and Pelumi rushed out with his mouth filled with meat he stole from the pot (a habit Esther really frown at).

"Darling, why did you scream like that? and why are you rolling on the floor?". Esther got up from the floor, she didn't say a word but instead rushed to her husband, she wrapped her hand around him, in tears, she explained how she has been angry because he forgot her birthday and the phone conversation with the Police man.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, my wallet got stolen".

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