Amazing Nokia 3310 Features

The second coming isn't nigh, it's already happened. No, we're not talking about Jesus, but the return of the most iconic mobile phone of all time, the beloved Nokia 3310.

A device that defined a generation, this little brick of plastic and circuitry is one of the best-selling phones in history, and the only device anyone around at the turn of the millennium wanted to own. After 17 long years since its namesake was first introduced, and 13 years after it was removed from production lines, the Nokia 3310 is back.
There are some features of the new Nokia 3310 that gives me no choice than to be in awe of owing one. If the following Nokia 3310 features were on the likes of the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7, we wouldn't get so excited of course.

1. A Month-Long Battery Life
Can you beat that? The Nokia 3310's battery life is a thing of legend. Capable of going weeks between powerful. With the new model offering a month-long staying power (on standby, there's 22 hours of continuous talk time), it's only a reminder of how our need for nightly smartphone charges is a modern-day nightmare.

2. The Colour
Despite their painfully bad names like "Striking Black", "Prestige Gold" and "Really Blue" – all genuine smartphone colours – phones just don't pack the attention-grabbing punch they used to. The new Nokia 3310 however comes with attractive colors you will like.

3. A Pocket-Friendly Form Factor
Just as fashion dictates that our jeans must grow skinnier and tighter, the new Nokia 3310 says "No Problem!" If you are a fan of skinny jeans like me, you have nothing to worry about as the new Nokia 3310's 12.8mm thick body might be positively plump compared with the 7.1mm form of the iPhone 7, but its overall footprint is much, much smaller. Capable of fitting in the palm of your hand thanks to its sub-sized 2.4-inch display, it won't stretch out your skinny jeans and make your legs look weirdly lumpy when tuck into your jeans pocket.

4. The Headset
The new Nokia 3310 offers a feature missing from the most luxurious of all the high-end handsets: support for traditional cabled headphones. This simply means that: it doesn't matter if the headset is from Alaba, road side sellers, Computer Village or Phone Village, the new Nokia 3310 still gives you the same sound quality.

5. The Snake Game
When the original Nokia 3310 came out, you were near enough limited to one on-the-move gaming option. Fortunately, that just happened to be the best mobile game there ever was, is or ever will be – Snake. The new Nokia might have jazzed it up, but it's back and bringing all the nostalgia feels with it.

6. MicroSD Expansion
The new Nokia 3310 comes with a lowly 16MB (no, that's not a typo) of internal storage, the microSD however accommodates expansion.  The 3310's storage step-ups are something iPhone owners have been demanding for years to no avail.

7. A Wallet-Friendly Price Tag
When it comes to smartphones, you get what you pay for, but there's no escaping that the new Nokia 3310 is still ridiculously cheap. With a €49 asking price (UK pricing), you could get 23 of these for the price of one 128GB iPhone 7 Plus.
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