Music Alert! Download Oyindamola - Kind And Faithful | @Oyinda_adejumo

Oyindamola is a daughter to the Nigeria’s foremost comedian Moses Olaiya Adejumo (Baba Sala). She has released several hits over the past few years. Her latest efforts are "" and "" which was released last year. 

Oyindamola Adejumo-Ayibiowu drops a new worship song titled “Kind and Faithful God” on February 12th which happens to be her birthday. 

About the song, she says:

“I can’t but be grateful to God who has kept me alive and above the storms of life. He keeps, saving me, healing me, blessing me and answering me. But this song is not only to thank God for what he has done but also for who he is. God is deep and high, merciful and mighty”.

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