Funny Pictures You Can Relate To If You Visit A Friend That Cannot Cook

So you got invited by your friend and she promise to cook you something, you stroll down to the house like:

She Said The Food Is Ready Oh, But When You Got There She Ask You To Wait For Her To Quickly Put Somethings Together, You Are Like: "Which thing no dey together now?"

After One Hour You Are Still Waiting Like: "Are You Cooking Stone!?"

Then She Comes Out With Something That Looks Like Babalawo Concortion; "What is THIS!?"

She Says Fried Rice Nah; Shey You Do Not Know Fried Rice Again? You Are Like:

You Are Like: "Fried WHAT! Am I Going Blind?"

You Cannot Come and Poison Me: I Will Be Fine With Water Please

Then She Says: "You Don't Know What You Are Missing, I Am The Best Cook In This House" You Are Like:

That Moment When She Says: "Give It A Try, Trust Me You Will Love It;" You Feel Like Giving Her:

Clap for me Jare!

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