10 Simple Courtesy We Must Know

10 Simple Courtesy We Must Know

Happy New year!!!

Times have changed. People are thinking being courtesy conscious is old-fashioned but it has taken people to high places and it has also tarnished the image of some. Believe me when i tell you that people will respect you more when you are courtesy conscious.

Here are some basic courtesy you must know:

1. Learn to say Please, Thank you, Sorry, Excuse me when necessary

2. Always greet people especially people older than you

3. Always talk when necessary.

4. Knock before you enter a place.

5. Smile, genuine smile portrays you as good when they see you.
6. Always return things you borrow on time. If you can't, let the person know immediately.

7. Never ever ever breakup a relationship by text.

8. Don't let arguments escalate in public,build hatred for EMBARRASSMENT 

9. Do not go through people's things without their permission.

10. Always LOVE.