These Men Stood By God Even At The Point of Death, Yet, No One seems to Know About Them

There are so many Great men who died because they refuse to compromise their faith, but, there are a little of this men's story around. Apart from the 12 disciples who were Jesus Christ closest followers when He was on earth who themselves lost their lives in a painful way because they choose to spread the word of God around without fear,  some other men did lost their lives too because they choose to hold on to their faith even at the point of death.

I am sure you have never heard about this men before. You think am joking? Take a look then:

Saint Maurice
During the 3rd century, Maurice rose in military rank to become the leader of the Theban legion in the Roman army, commanding more than 6,000 soldiers. According to some accounts, the entire legion was composed of Christian soldiers.

When the legion was called to assist Emperor Maximian in an offensive in Gaul, the soldiers were ordered to offer sacrifices to the Roman gods. While Maurice and his men pledged allegiance to Rome, they refused to worship the false gods. Maximian at first tried to influence them by having every tenth man killed. This did not work and eventually the Emperor made the decision to kill the entire legion for disobeying his orders. Maurice and his companions were faithful to Christ to the end. 

Blessed Rupert Mayer
In 1914, Mayer volunteered as a chaplain during the First World War for the German army. After serving in a military hospital, Mayer requested to be sent to the lines to minister to the spiritual needs of the soldiers in battle.

Mayer would crawl on the ground from soldier to soldier, administering the sacraments and offering counsel in the midst of the bloodshed. He lost his leg in a grenade attack and was then known as the “limping priest.” In 1915 Germany awarded Mayer the “Iron Cross” for bravery and was the first chaplain to receive such an honor.

When Hitler rose to power, Mayer preached against his many heinous activities and the Gestapo warned Mayer to keep quiet. This didn’t deter him and as a result, he was imprisoned several times and spent time in a concentration camp. He died after the war while celebrating Mass on All Saints Day.

Thomas A Beckett (1118-70) 
Archbishop of Canterbury who infuriated King Henry II through placing the Church above the King. Beckett was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral on the indirect orders of the King.

William Tyndale (1494–1536 ) 
He was one of the first persons to print the Bible in English. Executed for blasphemy after years of avoiding capture.

How many of these men have you heard about?
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