How to Stop Procrastination — Check Out 3 Best Strategies

Procrastination is something that I struggle with, no matter how much you know me, I still struggle with this. The difference is that I’ve become better at this. 

The following steps has helped me overcome one of the most difficult things I have faced in my entire life:

Make Good Use of Your Spare Time
No matter how busy you are, you always have spare time! I have met a lot of busy person(s) like myself who still have the time to check out latest movies, hang out with friends, watch football among other things.
If you are in a time where you have a lot more time in your hands, this is your time to do everything that is not easy for you to do when you are busy. Because when you start having a lot more added to your plate, it will be much harder to get those not so interesting tasks done.

Get An Accountability Partner 
If there is no new updates on this Blog for 2-3 days, I know a few of my friends who will come for my head! These people are my accountable partner! in whatever you find hard to start doing by yourself, It’s best to get an accountability partner who is doing something similar to what you are trying to do or interested in what you are doing. It’s also encouraging if your accountability partner prays so that he or she could both pray and hold you accountable. Relying on God in the process is powerful.

Just focus on taking action
If it’s a big project like wedding planning, designing your website, or baby shower planning, or starting your own business, etc. You have to get a notebook and write down your different projects, and then schedule in your calendar a day to do one particular action item. Just focus on taking actions.

Remove Distractions
Your friends are amazing and they deserve your time but you really need to do away with distraction. If your excuse is “I don’t have time to work on that.” Ask yourself how long have you been struggling to start that one thing that can change your life drastically? Also look at your schedule, is there anything you can possibly remove so that you focus on what you need to get done?

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