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Meet the New Identity Verification Technologies, Say Bye Bye to Alphanumeric Password

Simple alphanumerical passwords for personal accounts may soon become obsolete, as a number of new technologies that allow for more distinctive security credentials are being developed.

Biometrics, the statistical analysis of genetic data — from the face, to the eyes, to the finger — is being incorporated into security infrastructures in order to strengthen both physical security and cybersecurity.

The ride-hailing service Uber, for example, asks drivers to occasionally take a “selfie” before starting their day’s work. The Uber application will pass the selfie through Microsoft’s cloud-based Cognitive Services software tool, according to the Wall Street Journal, which uses an algorithm to compare the face’s measurements with the face on file.

The facial recognition technology increases riders’ safety by authenticating the person in possession of the vehicle and the mobile device needed for the service.

MasterCard launched an application earlier this month called Identity Check Mobile, which asks that customers verify their identities by snapping a selfie. The app even requests that users blink in order to show the person is animate and not merely a picture.

With these trends, we are at the verge of saying good bye to alphanumeric passwords as we embrace a new way of securing our devices.