Keyboard Shortcut to Speed Up Your iPhone and Android Typing

I hate it when I have to type out the same stuff, over and over again, My phone is said to be a smartphone yet, I see nothing smart about the phone as I have to type the same thing over and over. 

Today, I finally realize that the phone is a smartphone, I am the one that has been handling the phone in an unsmart way. This Keyboard shortcut will enlighten you on how to speed up your typing on both iPhones and Android.

Both Android and iOS have hidden tools that turn a short phrase into a big text. You can save frequently used words like: your most-used expressions, addresses, and phone numbers. All you need to do is to enable them in a few easy steps shown below…then find something to do with all your new free time.

On Your iPhone

Head into Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Already preloaded, you’ll see the “omw” shortcut. Type “omw” anywhere and it will automatically expand to “On my way!”

You can create your own by tapping the “+” in the upper right corner. In the “Phrase” field, type the chunk of text you’d like a shortcut for—your work address, for instance.

Then in the “Shortcut” field below, type the snippet you want to trigger the phrase. For instance, “workad.” Hit save.

Add as many as you’d like. They are great for phone numbers, email addresses and common sayings. Just remember to pick a shortcut you’d never actually use in a sentence. “Rnl” is a better shortcut than, say, “Run” for the phrase “Running late!”

The phrases aren’t case sensitive, so the tool will automatically capitalize at the beginning of sentences, and will follow your lead if you capitalize the shortcut. Also, it can work even if you use keyboards besides Apple’s default one.

Note: Apple syncs these to the Cloud with iCloud so the shortcuts will work across your synced iOS devices and Macs. The data are encrypted on Apple’s servers; however, if this still worries you, refrain from creating shortcuts for highly personal information.

On Your Android Phone

On Android, the location of the setting can vary by keyboard, OS version and phone.

Generally, it can be found in the Android Settings menu. Select Language and input > Personal dictionary. Tap the “+” in the top right corner and in the first field type the chunk of text you want a shortcut for. In the “Shortcut” field, type your trigger phrase. (If you don’t see these settings, download the Google Keyboard app.) When you type your trigger, the longer chunk of text will appear above the keyboard to insert.

On Samsung phones, Samsung’s own keyboard has a similar feature under Settings> Language and input > Samsung keyboard > Text shortcuts. Select “Add” in the upper right corner.

If you enabled data backup on your Android device, Google says it stores the info encrypted on its servers. Samsung, however, says its phrases are stored only on the phone.
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