Ignorance or What? Comedian Gordons Begs Federal Government to ban Tithe and Offering In Churches

A Nigerian comedian,  Godwin Komone popularly known as Gordons has called on the Federal government to place a ban on tithes and offering in churches. The comedian further added that Nigerians will truly know pastors called by God.


Gordons made this comment in his “Comedy Clinic” Comedy collection in which he said: 

“The only solution to our problems in Nigeria today is religion.

"I will be the happiest person in the world if the federal government place a ban on giving of tithes and offerings from churches.

“I tell, we will continue to lament as long as these people keep collecting the little one we have in the name of offering.

“By the time tithes and offerings are declared illegal, then we will know those who were called by God and those who called themselves in the ministry.

“I tell you, some people actually saw miss call and not calling into church ministry.”

Since he said this words during a comedy show, I assume he is just joking as a Christian we know the importance of tithe and Offerings. And I am sure he does too.

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