Don't be Deceive, Virgin Still Exist Even in Nigeria and America

Many Believers in Nigeria think is impossible to wait until after saying wedding vows before experiencing sex, despite Nigeria being the most religious country on the face of the earth with, emphasizes has been made on pre-marital sex by clerics and different speakers, teachers etc., most of the girls in churches across the country still engage in pre-marital sex.

When speaking about pre-marital sex, Americans and Europeans has received his share of criticism, infact, a lot of people in Nigeria think it is impossible for Americans to keep their virginity until after marriage.

Well, these people might be right to some extent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on average, American women first have intercourse at 17.2 years old. But, the most recent available data shows that as of 2013, 89.1 percent of married women had engaged in premarital sex. That means, more than 10 percent of married women waited to have sex until after they'd say "I do." 

Going by this report, it is safe to say virgins still exist not just in Nigeria but also in America. Jett (31) is a living testimony.

After six years of being together without sex because of their Christian faith, Jett and her husband were excited to experience something that had been tempting them throughout their relationship. "There was nothing to prepare us for how painful it would be," Jett tells SELF. "It caught us so off-guard, It was crazy painful, but afterward, we were laughing and cheering," says Jett. "We started off our marriage feeling like champions like we’d climbed Mount Everest."

Many lies have been said about virginity, I know a lot of people must have lied to you making you feel bad just because you are a virgin. I know the pressure is much on you that you have started to question yourself if being a virgin is a sin, don't give in to this pressure, keep yourself, one day, you will start off your marriage feeling like a champion like Jett.

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