Check Out The Dangers of Sleeping Next to Your Phone

If you know you woke up with your phone beside you this morning lemme see your hands up! Few hands, well, if the question is: If you know you have once woke up with your phone by your side I know the hands will be more than this.
Some people loves their phone so much that they find it hard to part-way with it even while on the bed, those who don’t will probably have a story about how they once missed a super important call in the middle of the night and how their significant others made them promise to change their ways.

In as much as you don't want to miss that important call, health expert, Tom Kresting, a psychotherapist says sleeping beside your Phone can actually be dangerous to your health. Here are few reasons you should reconsider taking your phone with you to bed:
Taking your phone with you to be might lead to Sleeplessness. Some people has developed natural Insomnia from the use of a phone while in bed. Just one more glance, Oh, another message just dropped, lemme keep up with the latest discussion at Instagram, twitter, believerscompanion etc. often leads to 12 more glances and a few text messages thrown in for good measure. “People have become so addicted to the attention and interaction via texting and social media that they become compulsive to the point where they feel the need to respond to every post and text,” Kersting says. “This can go on until all hours of the night, causing major sleep deprivation issues.”

Brain Tumour
Although mobile phones emit small amounts of Microwave Radiation, which should be harmless, researchers now believe that because the phone is always so close to the body while you sleep, it can lead to brain tumors. Kresting says: There is a fear that "the younger generation may develop brain tumours in their 30s". 


Terrible Fire Accident
Your cell phone could start a fire! If you charge you have an extension passed from the wall socket to the side of your bed so you can charge while sleeping, you really need to have a rethink. A phone kept on the bed or under a pillow is a risk to your life. According to the New York City Police Department, a phone exploding after being sandwiched between a pillow and the mattress. It is advisable to always keep your phones on a flat surface at all times while charging.  
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