Bolaji Agbekoya (The Pain Behind Her Smile) Episode 10

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Bolaji Agbekoya - Episode 10

“You are welcome sir”, the State Minister for Transportation said as he opened the door for the Arch Bishop who has come to visit him, “this must be your last son”, the pot belly minister said as he gave a hand to the small boy for a handshake. Dapo shook the hand, it was not a long handshake as the Arch Bishop had grabbed the neck of the Honorable Minister from behind, the little boy  watched as the Arch Bishop squeeze the neck of the man until breath departed his body.

Honorable Daluwa was to run for Governor in the coming election, the hefty Arch Bishop has been contacted by Gbenga Osikoko to get rid of him. The Arch Bishop checked the body to be sure he is really dead while he brought out his phone. He punches some digits, waited for some time before speaking as gently as possible. “Arch Bishop Idagulu, the Arch Bishop of the Holy Munion church speaking”, he examines the body yet again to be sure he is dead, “Someone has been killed at 4 Gregory Estate, he continued, "send your men as soon as possible please, it is an emergency,” he concluded before putting an end to the call. He handed the phone to Dapo who has been watching the Arch Bishop closely, "I hope you are learning"  the Arch Bishop asked the boy who shake his head like agama lizard, "Good, now come closer, whenever you carry out a job, always make sure you do a clean one, make sure you confirm the person is dead before leaving, if you are not too sure the job is 100 percent clean, follow the body to confirm, always remember this thing ok”. 

The alarm of the siren soon restore Agbako to the present as the words of his father has capture his heart as he sits gently in his car waiting for the body of Bolaji to be carried out of the house. Agbako grew up with his father, the Arch Bishop Idagulu, a man who is a double sided coin, a side says he is a Bishop while the other part of the coin, known to a few people says he is an Assassin. Arch Bishop Idagulu is not just an Assassin, he is a specialist in high-profile operations, his job is so neat that no one ever suspects him until his death, he is one of the most popular Bishop during his days, he uses that influence to assess houses, offices and guesthouse to meet with anybody he chooses to meet with. 

Agbako knows he hit his target, but, he is not sure if Bolaji Agbekoya is really dead, he has been waiting in his car waiting patiently to see how Bolaji will be carried out of the house. Now that he is sure Bolaji is not dead, he immediately follow the Ambulance. It was a short ride to the hospital, Bolaji was rushed into the hospital, Ruth who held the hand of Bolaji since she was rushed into the Ambulance rushed into the hospital with the other nurses as soon as the Ambulance arrived the hospital. Agbako step out of his car, he adjusted his glasses, dusted his suit to remove some invisible dust from the shoulder of his black suit, his black tie dangles as he drops his hand, he was about stepping into the hospital when Sunday arrived, “What are you doing here” Sunday asked as gently as possible, Agbako smiled before responding in a whisper “The same reason you are here, to confirm if the job is done”, Sunday didn’t say a word as he noticed the Policemen who just arrived the hospital approaching the entrance door, “Now they will have Policemen watching over her” Sunday said, Agbako looks at him in the eyes and smiled, “May the good Lord bless you too”  the Inspector General of Police who was a step away from the two men chorus "Amen" with Sunday who already understand the trick played by Agbako, He shook the hand of the Inspector General of Police before engaging the IG in a chat. Agbako who is known as Pastor Dapo Ogunjinrin excused himself from the two men, he proceed into the hospital.

Ruth and Mama were both crying when Pastor Dapo walked into the reception of the hospital, he wore a sorrowful face as he approach Mama who recognizes him despite the amount of tears that has gushed out of her eyes, Mama greeted him before she introduced him to Ruth who she describes as her daughter, Ruth greeted him, she knows him, he is the popular Assistant Pastor of her secondary school mate, "but what is he doing here?" she asked herself, she recall Bolaji asking her who the man of God is before she was shot, she saw the fear in Bolaji’s face and how she was lost in thoughts before asking her about the Pastor, something tells her this man of God has a hidden agenda, she can feel it, her spider senses does not fail her, just as she was still battling with this thoughts, Pastor Dapo asked some questions that must have painted him Guilty, “what room is she?” the Pastor asked at first, then he asked the name of the Doctor attending to her, according to him, a friend of his works in the Hospital as a senior Doctor, just a single call will guarantee the best care she can get when she wakes up. Ruth raised her eyebrow, she can see the guilt written on the face of the Pastor, she knows something was not right about the man of God who asked to be excused after Mama had given him all the details he wants, after saying a short prayer, the Pastor walks gently towards the exit door. Ruth who opened her eyes like a dead Tilapia fish during the prayer watched as the man of God disappear through the exit.

Sunday walked into the hospital, he walked straight to Mama to console her, he thanked Ruth for being there when she was needed the more before asking the same questions the Pastor just asked. “Which room did they put my sister” he first ask, Mama gave him the same details as she gave to the Pastor, “she was rushed in, we cannot say the exact room” Mama had said, That was all he asked, Ruth was confuse, “seems everyone is guilty” she said to herself, or maybe “I am the one exaggerating this thing, even if I am the one, the first thing I will ask is the room they put her” she concluded within herself. “God forgive me for thinking bad about the man of God” before she could conclude her prayer, the doctor walked into the reception, they all rush towards him, he calmed them and assure them that she is fine, she needs some rest as she has lost too much blood he explained. Sunday was not ready to exercise much patience, “What room is she” he asked, the doctor answered, the Police Inspector who joined them when the doctor walked into the reception told the doctor about the two policemen who has been appointed to stay with Bolaji, the Doctor showed them the way while Mama and followed the doctor.

Room 18 it is, Mama examines the forehead of Bolaji while tears fall from her eyes, Ruth excused herself to make use of the rest room, the sight of Bolaji on the bed must have opened the floodgate of wee, Sunday soon excused himself, he claims he needs to get back to the house for the conclusion of the burial of the Late Chief Agbekoya, Mama insist on staying with Bolaji. Immediately Sunday walks out of the room, he made a brief call, before heading for the exit. Ruth soon returned from the restroom, she promised to come back to the hospital as soon as she returned as soon as possible. Instead of going through the exit door, Ruth heads to the Doctor's office.

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