Toothpaste are Dangerous to Health?

An average Nigerian uses toothpaste every morning while a few others use toothpaste at night before they go to bed, this habit has been encouraged over time with little or no consideration given to whether or not Toothpaste is dangerous to the body.
A new study by the Cornucopia Institute, a non-profit organization that studies ecological best practices, makes clear we should all be concerned about exposure to toxic ingredients found in toothpaste. Chemicals in toothpaste are readily absorbed through the membrane that lines the mouth (oral mucosa), meaning that, regardless of whether you swallow toothpaste or not, you are exposing yourself to some level of absorption. Children, who we know often do swallow toothpaste, are even more at risk.
Am I saying you should go about with your mouth dirty? No! Am I trying to sell a new product? No! I am just a concern Nigerian who wants you to operate on the ‘precautionary principle,’ since the government or any other organisations that are supposed to assure that chemical are safe before they are authorized for use seems careless (I stand to be corrected), we need to start doing somethings for ourselves, especially the things that has to do with our health.
With the amount of toothpaste in circulation, one need to be careful. Since we don’t end up evaluating dangerous chemicals until after they have already been introduced into our bloodstream, we can help ourselves by using the products we are familiar with. I am not trying to condemn the new products, I am just saying, remember your health before you choose that toothpaste.

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