This Bible Survived The Slave Trade Era

The Bible (Picture above) belongs to Nat Turner. According to Historians, Nat Turner, a minister and enslaved field hand, was holding this Bible when he was captured two months after leading a rebellion against slaveholders in Southampton County, Va. 

The Bible which is missing its front and back cover have lost pages at the beginning and end of the text, losing the entirety of Genesis and parts of Leviticus and Revelation. The first page contains Leviticus 4:32 through Leviticus 6:2. (Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of Maurice A. Person and Noah and Brooke Porter).

Its covers are missing. Its pages are yellowed. In some places, there are watermarks and mold. But now the Bible has a new life: as the focal point of the museum’s Slavery and Freedom exhibit.

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