Samsung Launch Software Patch that Prevent Batteries from Overheating

Following the news of the dangers of using Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung already came provide a solution. In August, reports surfaced online that the Samsung Note 7 batteries were bursting into flame, a 6-year-old was burnt after the phone exploded in Brooklyn, New YorkBy the end of the month, there were dozens of fires and Samsung was rushing to understand what went wrong. 

On Sept. 2, during a press conference in Seoul, it was announced that Samsung would replace all 2.5 million phones shipped so far. Samsung drew criticism for the recall too. It announced the plans publicly before working out how millions of consumers in 10 countries would actually get replacements. Then it sent mixed signals about what customers should do. First, Samsung told people to shut off their phones and stop using them. 

A few days later, Samsung came up with a solution, Samsung offered a software patch to prevent batteries from overheating, signaling consumers could keep using the phones. 

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