Pictures You can Relate to Before and After Washing Your Dirty Jeans Trouser

So you love wearing jeans right, It's cool and makes you look smart, but when it's time to wash the jeans trouser, you regret having as much as you are to wash. put together some funny pictures you can relate to before and after you wash your jeans trousers. Laugh Oh!

The moment you realise all your jeans are dirty beyond manage, You are like:

So you realise you are to wash twenty-one jeans trouser, You are like:

When you mistakenly add too much detergent to the Jeans, You after rinsing the Jeans seven times and it's still foaming, you are like:

The way you feel when you finally wash the last Jeans:

Then all of a sudden your elder brother shows up with five jeans trouser, He was like: "Pelumi, Please help me wash this five jeans I beg" You are like:

You want to protest, But your brother is already waiting like:

So you respect yourself, After his Jeans, your hands are like:

Thank God we are safe from this our elder brothers after they got married and we are free patapata from their wahala.

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