Pictures of Strange but Funny Name of Churches

Some churches name (like the picture above) are so funny that you begin to ask yourself if they are real. Check out pictures of some strange but funny name of churches below:

Note: is not trying to mock any church so if your church is listed among the churches below, we are sorry, just laugh along because the name of your church is funny that's all. Thank you.

1. Jesus Elections Ministries

2. NTA Channel Jesus

3. Run For Your Life Int. Chapel

4. Occupy till I come Deliverance Ministry

5. One Flesh Ministry Int'l.

6. God's Business Assembly

7. Ignore the cutlass holding pastor, concentrate the name of the church -  Faith of Fire Breakthrough Church

8. Mountain of Swallowing Problems Interdenominational Prayer Ministry

9. Who are you to Jesus Min. 

10. El Shaddai Shall Not Die Ministries - This one na rhymes oh!

11. Laboratory Church of God

12. Takeover World Outreach Ministries - and the church is unlimited too

13. Ready Souls Assembly Inc. 

14. Virgin Glory Intervention Ministries

and finally...

This last picture is dedicated to everyone who loves staying on the bed shouting "OH GOD" when they are supposed to be in church on a Sunday morning.

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