Norwegian Church Loose Members Because of Their Own Website

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway, to which over 70% of the population belongs, recently launched a website that easily allows people to join—or leave the church. Unfortunately for the church, since the website launched in August, only 1,177 have used it to sign up, while 25,743 people have used it to leave.

Apart from the alarming number of people leaving the church, a survey carried out shows that a number of the church member does not believe in God. When 4,000 Norwegians were asked the question “Do you believe in God?” 39 percent responded “no,” 37 percent said “yes,” and 23 percent said they didn't know.

Still, the church seems to be keeping an open mind about the exodus. "We will continue to have a broad and open national church," Said Church Council leader Kristin Gunleiksrud Raaum "But no one should be a member of a religious community against their will, and therefore I am glad that this self-solution is in place." 

Source: H/T Independent

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