5 Lesson to Learn From the Nigerian Gospel Music Video that Hit 1Million Views on Youtube | @AdaEhi

Loveworld Music and Arts first lady, Ada Ehi popularly know as Ada published the music video to her single "I Testify" on Youtube (January 18, 2016.). In the space of 9months, the video has been viewed over a million times (at the time of this write-up). 

The Carel Films directed video has cameo appearances by revered Gospel music ministers such as Sinach, Frank Edwards, Joe Praize, Ayo Vincent, Kelly Lyon etc.

BelieversCompanion.com put together some lessons learned from the success of the  video. 

1. Celebrate Jesus where ever you are
While breaking the news, the first lady of FreeNation INC advised, “Celebrate Jesus wherever you are”. If you celebrate Jesus, He will celebrate you!

2. Do Good Gospel Music
No matter how good your video might be, if you are not singing right, nobody will have an interest in the video.

3. Attract Winners
Winners look for winners! Having the most popular Nigerian Gospel Musician, Sinach as a cameo appearance on your video alone will make me want to watch the video. A single tweet by the multi-talented Frank Edwards is worth a million blog posts about your song (believe me). The likes of Joe Praiz, Ayo Vincent etc. talking about your video, what do you think? Yes! you are right! But it will not happen if you do not have something to attract these winners, and all you need is the number 2  point (Above).  

4. You really don't have to go outside Gospel
Do not get me wrong, I know there is a diverse way of praising God. But, many has gone outside Gospel in the name of praising God in these diverse ways. Learn from Ada, she didn't go outside Gospel yet, she has this amount of views. You can learn from her, follow her on Twitter @AdaEhi she will b e happy to help.

5. Stick to the Message God Gave to you
Before you decide to make that song, I am sure God minister to you (except I am wrong). Since God has given you a message to give to million of believers, why are you trying to twist and twist and twist just because you want to entertain the audience? Why! Many think they are to entertain their listeners to get their attention, Well, you are right, but your message is important! Always remember this.

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