3 Effective Morning Exercises for Weight Loss in Nigeria

Do you know it is best to work out in the morning? OK, don't mind me, you know that already. I am sure you have read a lot of article on how to reduce in size too, this is yet another, but in a unique way! Have you consider the Nigerian way? Don't get too confuse, join us as we look at the points below:

Go for a run in a Sandy Environment

To go for a run as a means of reducing size is not new to you I know, but, have you consider going for a run in a sandy environment instead of running on the treadmill? Nigeria is bless with a lot of sandy roads or a beach will do just fine. That sandy primary school around you, that beach not too far from your house is just the perfect choice. You can try going outside as the fresh air, free from pollution provides good things for your heart, lungs and mind. It also helps you to connect with nature.


Do you know biking exercise helps to burn calories? Don't be too quick to answer yes! (you just know everything). Biking helps not only to burn calories but also gives effective endurance training to those leg muscles (I am sure you do not know that one). While running affects mainly your calf muscles and shins, biking works well for the thighs. You can vary your speed between normal and all-out. It helps in building endurance. We all know  the effect of traffic on Nigerians, It is best to go for cycling in the morning to get slimmer and to avoid traffic.


Zuckerberg Walking around the Street of Lagos
To be sincere, I have never seen a fat person in places like Abule Egba, Okokomaiko, Mowe-Ibafo, Iyana Iba etc. I heard from a friend that this people naturally loses weight as they have to trek a long distance everyday when they are trapped in terrible traffic.

Instead of taking bike to that trek-able distance, why not walk down?   A walk from the house to the church, a walk around your neighborhood while listening to music is nice too (I do that often).

Give it a try, You will have a testimony soon.

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