Top 5 Gospel Music in August (Week One)

I appreciate you for checking out our Top 5 Gospel Music in the Month of August 2016. 

The first week of August has passed, the Lord that brought you this far will continue to keep you safe until the end of the year and years to come (Amen). BelieversCompanion put together the top 5 Gospel Music in the first week of August. 

The Top 5 Gospel Music are the songs that have been uploaded on this site between the Monday, August 1st, 2016 and Sunday, August 7th, 2016 irrespective of the time/date the songs were released. 

We will like you to know that our selection of the Top 5 songs is based on a number of Downloads we have recorded on each of the songs in the past 7days after updating the song on our site. It is our way of saying "Thank You" to the musician who has been retweeting our tweets, sharing with their fans our published page of their song.

The overall best five songs will be picked at the end of the month. Keep your finger cross. If you are ready for the Top 5 Gospel Music in the Month of August (1st Week), let's go!

5. Dee Doris - Faithful God | @DeeDoris2 @DorisNnadi1

Dee Doris occupy the number 5 position this week with her single titled "Faithful God". Faithful God is a message that reminds us to be faithful to God. The song also urges us to remain faithful to God who has always been faithful to you. A powerful message it is. Click Here to Download Faithful God by Dee Doris

4. Ami - Amioluwa | @Provabs

The number three song for the first week in August is Amioluwa (sign of God) by Ami formerly known as Provabs. The effort tells us that we all marked for a unique purpose here on earth; in the dark, be someone else’s light, in need, be someone else’s solution, bring comfort and hope to others. This is the message Ami is passing across to you through this song. Guess what, it is danceable Oh!!!! Click Here to Download this powerful message by Ami titled Amioluwa.

3. Alaye - Nara Ekele| @alayetpp 

Alaye occupies the number two spot with his message titled "Nara Ekele". "Nara Ekele" which means ”Take All The Glory”, is a song that acknowledges God’s goodness and faithfulness in our lives. It is a song that will lead your heart to worship God. Click Here to Download Nara Ekele by Alaye.

2. Kingsten - Daalu | Kingstanmusic

Kingstan who is a songwriter, composer, poet and worshiper have to his name some of Nigeria's best indigenous gospel songs such as "Nara ekele’ and ‘Eze’ no wonder he occupies the number 2 position this week with his message titled "Daalu".

"Daalu" which means “Thank You” in Igbo language will help you say thank you to your maker in so many ways. You want to say thank you lord with a song? Click Here to Download Daalu by Kingsten 

1. Adaeze - Stronger | @ChelseaUme 

When it comes to praising God, some claimed the ladies do it better. I don't know how true is that, but, our first ever rating for the week, the women have it in Adaeze's message titled "Stronger"

"Stronger" is that song you turn to when life seems too hard to handle. This song will definitely take away the pains! Check out this powerful message that liberates the heart from any form of all sort problem today. Click Here to Download Stronger by Adaeze.

Thank you for reading this. We bring you the Top 5 song for the week next week as we countdown to the first ever Top 10 songs for the Month on
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