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TeensAflame summit 2016! tagged "A BETTER YOU “ is a gathering where teens and young adults would be learning about their sexuality and getting answers to questions they have always wanted to ask and know about love, sex, and relationships, they would be inspired to be better in every aspect of their life as they discover their purpose. We believe it  is going to be a time for many of them to reconnect to GOD their creator. There is going be Music, Comedy, Dance and Lots of Fun.

Meet the Speakers:

Nike Adedokun is a Relationship and Sexuality Coach. A Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Results Coach. She helps people build healthy relationships, emotionally balanced minds and sexually purified lives through training, strategies, and consultancy.

Nike Adedokun is interested in helping youths understand their purpose in life, eliminate unhealthy relationship patterns, deal with emotional baggage and live sexually sane.

She is a passionate writer, author, speaker, and columnist who teaches on relationship related topics, real life issues and as well, professionally anchor programmes.

Nike Adedokun is the author of three books "Relationship Guardrails for Him and Her", "The journey to a Masturbation free life" and Ants and Flies Flow: How Attraction starts!.

Nike Adedokun has written for some of the finest magazines and websites like Edification, UzTalks, Crentz, Femme Lounge, RomanceMeetsLife, Septin et al. She has been featured as a guest on Television and Radio stations like Wefm Nigeria, Core TV News , Channels TV, Cool FM, Radio Nigeria et al'.

Nike is the curator of #Singlesdate, a monthly twitter hangout that has hosted home and international personality. She is also the convener of The Mind Shift Network, a continuous movement for building a revolutionary generation.

Her vision is to help singles chase purpose, reposition themselves and live a sexually sane life.

Nike Adedokun: (@Nikeadedokun) will be speaking on relationship redefined, at The TeensAflame summit, tagged "A BETTER YOU"

We believe her approach in teaching the issue of relationships and how she breaks down the concepts of dating to teenagers will help them understand the need to wait till they are matured

Mattew Femi-Adedoyin:(@adedoyinmattew) will be a keynote speaker at Teensaflame summit 2016, tagged "A BETTER YOU"

He would be speaking in sexuality redefined Matthew ‘Femi Adedoyin is a polymath and a blend of gifts. He is an internationally known abstinence advocate, a dynamic and prolific teacher, a humourist, a strategist.

Matthew is a certified results coach, performance consultant, family life therapist, child psychologist and practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) whose forte lies in neurological re-patterning, results from technologies and Ericksonian hypnosis. He is one of the youngest and finest sex recovery experts in Africa. He is referred to as the “Apostle of Sexology” due to his ardent fight for human sexual purity and a healthy sex life.

In 2013, he was awarded the most prominent sex recovery consultant and relationship coach in Nigeria. He is an authority when it comes to issues of leadership, relationship, self-development, parenting, sexuality education, sexual purity, and abstinence mastery.

APOSTLE, as he is fondly called is an acronym for Abstainer, Preacher, Oracle, Speaker, Trainer, Leader and Engineer. He is the Principal Consultant at Abstinence Icon Resource Consult, a child/youth advocacy, family life and sex recovery consultancy firm with a mandate to raise sexually pure leaders.

Tunde Daniels (@tundedaniels15)  will be speaking on spirituality redefined at the TeensAflame summit tagged" A BETTER YOU"

Tunde Daniels is a mentor to many, a professional counsellor and a motivational speaker. Also the Senior Pastor of FGC Dominion Center. Akoka.

Chichi Umeseaka:(@chichi_teens) will be speaking on purpose redefined,
Chichi is a teen coach, motivational speaker, TV/radio show host. She is the founder of9inteteen; a Non-Governmental Organization focused on mentoring teenagers from a different background,she would be sharing her story on how she discovered her purpose which is sure to bless every participant.

Dr. Kenny Ayoade (@Doctorkeny) host and convener of Teensaflame summit 2016,tagged "A BETTER YOU "

Dr. Kenny Ayoade is a team leader of TeensAflame, a Christian-based organisation with trained counsellors and medical doctors whose aim is to counsel, mentor and inspire teenagers in every aspect as they transit to adulthood, we offer support via our outreaches to schools, churches and social gatherings, social media, blogs etc.

She also hosts a very active WhatsApp group platform for teens and young adults which have drawn many young people within and outside the country.

Dr. Kenny, a medical doctor, author, blogger and renown speaker at teens /youth seminars, conferences, and schools. She is passionate about young people, her goal is to stir up a deep passion for GOD and raise an army of young people excellent in every aspect of life, ready to take over and be who GOD has destiny them to be,

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