How to Compose a Good Gospel Music

Figuring out how to compose Gospel music is not quite the same as figuring out how to write a Gospel music that stands out among others. When you talk about Christian music that stands out amidst others, you talk about a song that talks about God, a song that reflects God's mightiness or a song that one can use in appreciating God. In a nutshell, the song must be a song that is centered around God. 

To write a good gospel music, you need to take this few steps:

Ask God for Direction
The first step in writing a good gospel song is surely for you to ask God for direction. Petitioning God for direction before and amid the songwriting methodology is a vital step. Think about it, the song you are about to compose is meant for God, who else is in the best position to guide you? You are right! Your answer is the same as mine, so, go ahead and ask him for directions. Ask those who are credited with the best Gospel songs we have ever listened to, they will tell you that God led them to compose the songs. 

Choose a Title Before you Start
Before you begin composing, ponder what you need to compose by selecting a title to guide you. Many will argue that as the inspiration come, you will flow along and then an excellent topic will emerge from what you have composed. This is so true, but,  If you set yourself a title from the start, it helps you stay on track with your written work. Without a title, your melody could wind up going off in a few distinctive bearings, which is terrible for the musician, yet more atrocious for the audience. Another thing is, if you set yourself a title, pray about it, God can open your heart to flow with your proposed title. See ehn, before you start composing that song, pick a title it will help you a lot. It is as simple as that.

Verses are Important
Attempting to cover excessive in a melody is mistaken especially for the listeners. so attempt to stay on theme (title) by breaking your song into different verses. Remember your working title and verify that your verses are focused on this one subject.

Pray Again
After you must have put down your lyrics on paper or composed using a word application, pray! You are waiting for me to give you a prayer point abi... 

Have a lovely day ahead.

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