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Check out some funny wedding pictures to crack you up as you prepare for your own wedding day...

1. When your photographer thinks the Love you have is like Jackie Chan:

2. And the Photographer remembers you can somersault and stunt too:

3.And then the Photograpger thinks you Fly:

4. Which Kind Pose be this one for Christ Sake! Isokay!!!

Your wedding day should be a day to remember for good, not a day everyone thinks of and the only thing they remember is the hilarious postures your photographer pulled up when it was time to take some memorable photographs.

Contact Olamide Falobi, a young woman with a strong affection for what she does. Let her worry about the photographs while you enjoy your wedding day with an assurance of quality photographic work. Else your photographer punishes you like the picture below:

5. And your Photographer want to punish you even further:

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Happy Weekend!

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