Funny Pictures You’ll Definitely Remember About Being In Children’s Church

I appreciate you for coming

For those of you who started from the children department like me, you can relate to at least five of these pictures. Oya lets go!

You When Mummy Picks the Cloth for Church

My friends will be like: "Pelumi na wa o, this your dressing no be here o"

When your Parents drop you off and you see your Sunday-Sunday Friend

Haaaaa!!!! Padi mi Shilaverti!

And the new comers be like

Who Izz Dizz one? In Jenifas Voice

The Face you make after you use your offering buy Ice Cream and Mummy sees you

Ha!!! Broda Sola, Please gimme 50naira!!!

Testimony Time in Children's Church, You Hear:

Mummy, I am Part of the Choreography Group - I Know my Uniform Already

My trouser always owe the ground some change, so it is always jumpie with my white computer socks showing in between a well polished black shoe.

You when you are selected to read the Memory Verse of the day

At the end of the service, Biscuit is coming


If you cannot relate to any of these pictures, Mo sorry gan oh! 

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