Funny Pictures You Can Relate to If You Are Living in a Face-Me-I-Face You House And You Are Late for Church

When you stay in a face-me-I-face-you house, you do not need anyone to remind you to wake up early in order to avoid some of this. If you are the type that wakes up late on a Sunday, then you can relate to some of the pictures below if not all of the pictures. Enjoy.

When you wake up late and you suddenly remember TODAY IS SUNDAY! You are like:

Now that you are late, you have to wait in queue to use the toilet and bathroom like:

Your face when that neighbor is spending the whole day in the toilet, Iya Basira ooooh! Edaami Lohun na:

The way you run to the nearby bush when Iya Basira has refuse to come out of the toilet:
One way or the other you manage to get to the church, but, you are late so you peep to find an empty seat like:

Then you walk into the church like: "Straight to that empty chair, make no body disturb me o"
But the Usher comes around and say: "Sorry Sir, Someone is sitting there" You are like:

So the Usher say, "There is a seat at the front, you can sit there sir" You are like:

You better learn to wake early on Sundays!

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