Funny Pictures You Can Relate to If You Are a First Timer In a Nigerian Church

Happy Sunday to you all, I put together some funny pictures you can relate to if you a first timer in a Nigerian church. Are you ready?

1. When the Secretary asked if there is a new visitor worshiping with us for the first time, you are like:

2. The look your friend gives you when you refuse to raise your hand... "My Friend, raise your hand jo!"

3. ...You manage to raise your hand, so the secretary ask you to stand to your feet and you give a serious face like...

4. The way everyone turns to see you..."Isokay, shebi i am now a celebrity!"

5. When the choir starts singing..."You are Welcome in the name of the Lord..." You are like

6. And you hear..."Can you please take your Bible and your writing material with you as you move to this seat at the front?" You are like...

7. When the Secretary finally let you know that there is a package for first timers after the service and it will be for those sitting at the front alone. You are like:

8. So you enjoy the service like:

9. After Service, you are still waiting for that your friend who appear to be involve in every activity in the church like:

10. Your Friend explaining the reason why it took Him time to be with you after service like:

Oya tell me you didn't fall in any of this category na so that I can identify you as the only LIAR who ever LIVETH
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