Funny Pictures You Can Relate to If You Grew Up Attending a Baptist Church

If you grew up attending a Baptist Church, am sure you can relate to at least one of the pictures below. 

1. When you come to SUNBEAM class without a packet of sweet and carton of biscuit, they look at you like:

2. How Girls Auxiliary jubilate when they finally get promoted to Lydia. AT LAST!

3. The Girl who did not make it to Lydia that Year will be like:

4. How the Royal Ambassador see themselves:

5. How Everybody in Church envies you when you are decorated at the convention:

6. How we Pray at Baptist Student Fellowship (BSF) programmes: 

7. We Queue for food in Camp like:

If you are a proud Baptist like me, you would have fallen under a category. If not, you are just a Sunday, Sunday member oh!

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