Funny Pictures You Can Relate to If You Still Attend Your Local Church

Let us laugh jare. I Put together some funny pictures you can relate to if you still attend your local church. Local church in this context means the church you grew up attending, the same church your parents are attending, where everybody knows everything about you.

If you are ready, Oya, let's go!

The way Pastor's wife looks at you as you walk in with your mini-skirt and heels: "Jesu! Esther has joined bad gang"

...Or you are the guy who his team just won the league, you appear in church like: "Up Barca!"

You help yourself to a seat at the back, but, the Usher says "Aunty Esther, Please move to the front" You are like: 

The way you squeeze yourself pass the others..."Han Han, I passed this place before nah!" Don't mind the idiot boys, they want to tap current.

Few Minutes later, the Usher is standing close to you again, You are like "Han-Han What I Do Again!"

Then the Pastor Address you from the Altar "Esther, give your phone to Pelumi" You are like:

You are now the topic of the sermon for the day, to rob salt inside your wound, Pastor announce your phone will be seize for two weeks and you remember you do not have password on that phone oh!

Na die you dey

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