Download Gospel Music: Don Moen - You Will Be My Song

Have you been invited to minister in a program, conference, service or any other related gathering and you do not know what to say? It happens almost every time, it happens even to the greatest men of God. What will you do in times like this? Don Moen provides the solutions in this song titled "You will be my song".  

"You will be my song" by American singer-songwriterpastor, and producer of Christian worship musicDonald James "Don" Moen is a song that you can use to call on God to be your voice when you are lost of words to say.

Do you know?
Before Don Moen was hired to work for Integrity Music, he attended Oral Roberts University and became a Living Sound musician for Terry Law Ministries and traveled with Terry Law for ten years. He produced 11 volumes for the Hosanna! Music series of worship albums before he recorded a song under his own name. His first album under his own name,Worship with Don Moen, was released in 1992. His music has total global sales of over five million units. No wonder he is one of the most popular Gospel Musician in Nigeria (if he is not).
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