Bolaji Agbekoya (The Pain Behind the Smile) - Episode 3

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Bolaji Agbekoya - Episode 3

Funke walked into the school premises at about 10:05am, she was shocked to see the other students moving to the assembly ground, the assembly ground since the inception of The Senior High School, Lagos has been an open space opposite the principal's office. The assembly ground has served as the football pitch for the SS3 students alone over the years until the SS2 students recently protested against that rule. This lead to a serious fight between the SS3 students and the SS2 students.  After the fight, the students were punished for their bad behavior, the open field has since been banned by the Principal. No one dare take his football to the space to play soccer during the break.

Funke has never been part of the morning assembly since she started her secondary school education, she knows the time for the morning assembly but she has never been to school early enough to join the other students (we all know the reason for that shey). 

"what is happening" Funke murmured to herself as she quickly joined the other students heading to the assembly ground. She passed a few students walking towards the assembly ground without saying a word until she caught up with Ruth the razor. Ruth has been interviewed by almost all the students immediately they were summoned to the assembly ground. "Good Morning Ruth" Funke greeted as she tries to get the attention of Ruth who just finished killing a girl with her razor mouth. Ruth has a habit, she love people greeting her first, if you refuse to greet Ruth, she will not open her mouth to greet you, she knows you will need a piece of information  someday, knowing fully well you will come to her, she will list you among those who she want to deal with, when you come around, Ruth will remind you of the days you refused to greet her, right there, she will ask you to greet her over and over before she gives you the needed information.

"Good Morning Funke, wonder shall never end o, so you sef go join assembly today be that o, na wa, if persistence continues, a stammerer will one-day call daddy o" pretending not to have heard all that Ruth has said, "What is happening?" Funke asked, again, "Don't ask me stupid question jare, I don't know what is going on, or am I CNN?" Before Funke could ask another question, the school bell sounded, the student's attention was drawn to the principal of the school who was just taking position beside the school senior boy who was moving the school flag down. "Stop halfway," the principal said as he turned his attention to the students who are eager to hear what the principal have to say after he ordered the flag to be  left half way the pole. The last time the flag flew halfway its pole was on the 5th of May, 2010, when the President of the country, Umaru Musa Yaradua died. During that period, it was the country's flag that was flown halfway. But, there it stood, flying higher as usual while the school flag was said to fly halfway.

"Good morning everybody," the principal greeted, he clears his throat to continue but he burst into tears in front of the students. Mr. Ajao is not known to be a soft man, he is a stone cold man who behaves like he lost his emotions a long time ago. Mr. Ajao has no conscience, he beats any student who misbehaves like a hungry lion devour the carcass of an antelope after a nice hunt. The other day when the SS2 students and SS3 students fought for the open space opposite his office, the Senior boy was the scapegoat, Mr. Ajao flogged him like he was going to take his life. Mr. Ajao is not friendly o! It is hard to see Mr. Ajao smile, even when he smile, the smile does not last, Ruth once claimed he has a bad tooth just at the corner of his jaw that is why he does not smile too large to display it to the public. It is hard to see Mr. Ajao in a class, he is always in his office, Mr. Ajao only comes to a class if there is a situation that needed his attention. When you see Mr. Ajao approaching your class with four strong boys, you already know your class is in a mess, a mess nobody can save you nor your classmates from.

Silence dominated the school environment as Mr. Ajao cleaned his eyes with the handkerchief passed to him by Mr. Femi, the Mathematics teacher who himself has been crying since the principal burst into tears. Mr. Ajao cleared his throat, looked into the crowd without looking at anyone in particular, he looks into the sky, shook his head and 
at last, he let it all out.

"Mrs. Oremeji passed away to the world beyond yesterday evening, she was found dead in her house  by her husband, as many of you who will like to attend her funeral, I urge you to see my Secretary, Mrs. Ajayi Awopitan, through your class captains, May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace". Before the Principal could finish his speech, the cry of the students has swallowed up his voice, Ruth strains her neck to listen to the principal's  final words as the noise has already become unbearable for her. 

"Please, carry that girl! carry that girl!" screamed Mrs. Ajayi as she noticed a girl amidst the students collapsed to the ground. Ruth quickly jumps to the scene where this sudden drama is happening, although the death of their class teacher is painful, she does not expect anyone to collapse hearing about her death. 

"Bolaji! Bolaji!" Ruth scream as two boys try to make her stand to her feet, she was gone, she couldn't stand on her own, as the boys tried to raise Bolaji to her feet, she collapse to the floor again, before she hit the floor like she did when she first collapse, the boys held her up. Mrs. Ajayi who is already at the scene quickly order the boys to put her on her back, she backed her straight to the sick bay, everyone was shocked to see Bolaji collapse. Whispers could be heard as Mrs. Ajayi made her way to the sick bay, Ruth followed her quietly along with some other girls from Bolaji's class.

This is not the first time Bolaji will lose a close friend to the cold hands of death, her Sunday school teacher died two days after she explained what has been her secret, the pain that has dwelled in her for a very long time; you guess right, the same secret she shared with her teacher, Mrs. Oremeji yesterday during the break. After the death of the Sunday School teacher, there was another who died the same day she shared the same secret with her. Deborah who is a sister to Sunday, her daddy's driver,  she died the same day she told her what she has been going through. After the death of Aunty Deborah (as she's fondly called), Bolaji has promised herself never to tell anyone again, if not that Mrs. Oremeji asked her to tell her everything, she would have kept it to herself if it has crossed her mind that she was going to lose her the way she has lost the others. Hmm... To Be Continue...

Hmmmmm! Thanks for reading today's episode, We continue from here tomorrow. What do you think is happening? Mrs. Oremeji death, does it have anything to do with Bolaji Agbekoya who has lost two friends already after sharing her secret with them? Or is this just a coincidence? God will keep us safe until tomorrow, Bolaji Agbekoya Episode 4 Loading... 

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