Bolaji Agbekoya (The Pain Behind the Smile) - Episode 8

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Bolaji Agbekoya - Episode 8
"It is a good thing you found him after so many years, it is time for him to pay for everything he has done to you," Dibia Koro said as soon as Sandra finished narrating how she has been lucky to be visited by Pelumi. It's been years since Dibia Koro's niece returned from Warri blind and pregnant, he can still remember how hard he tried to restore the sight of his niece, all effort prove abortive, he didn't just spend years looking for a solution, he lost his first son in the process. After the death of his son, it dawned on him that there is no solution to the problem at hand, except for revenge. They (Dibia Koro and Sandra) have always look for a way of getting the revenge which their heart and soul cried for every morning and night, but as the saying goes "if the wall did not crack, the lizard cannot go into it", now that the wall is cracked, the lizard will not only go into it, the lizard will reside inside of the wall.

"I want you to think of what we can do, I am meeting with him tomorrow,  I intend to tell him there is a solution to my eyes problem to lure him to this place with me," Sandra said as she cleaned her eyes with the tip of her wrapper, Dibia Koro who is now standing close to the door with the intention of calling Sunday to take Sandra home, opens the door to call the young boy, as soon as he set eyes on Sunday who was playing with a bicycle opposite the building, he said: "I know exactly what to do, He will not be poor, He cannot be poor again in his life, as long as you remain blind, so, we are going to make his money work for us. You see this your son, he is going to inherit everything the idiot will work for, we are going to make him impotent and also leave a curse on his generation, he will take Sunday with him to Lagos, but before then, I will explain everything to Sunday, so he will be ready to act according to plan". Sandra remained silent, she didn't say a word, she was lost in the thought of remaining blind for the rest of her life, she is ready to do anything to make Pelumi regret his life, it doesn't matter if it will cost her to part ways with her son, she is ready to pay the price to get back to the man who has destroyed her life. 

The following day was just like a year to Sandra who couldn't sleep all night, the morning arrived and to her surprise, Engr. Pelumi was the first person to knock on her door, they talked about the solution she has talked about yesterday, after Sandra had explained what she meant by that, Pelumi agreed to go with her to the herbalist as long as Sandra will regain her sight.  Pelumi took Sunday to school in his car, the news of Sunday's father bringing him to school spread round the school that the teachers soon asked Sunday if that person is his father, Sunday reply was exactly what you are thinking, "YES" he has responded with a broad smile.

Dibia Koro and four other herbalists were waiting when Pelumi and Sandra arrived; after they broke kolanut together, Dibia Koro explained to Pelumi that the ritual is a simple one as he just needs to eat a prepared concoction. "Do you have a child?" one of the herbalists with Dibia Koro asked, Pelumi who was surprised to hear the man ask him if he has a child, how does that affect what they are here for? he asked himself, "Yes, I have a daughter, I got married last year, me and my wife have a  daughter," Pelumi replied looking at Sandra who sat down gently like a child who has been promised a packet of biscuit. "What is the name of your daughter?" Dibia Koro asked, Pelumi was silent for a while, at last, he decided to ask what his daughter's name have to do with the ritual, a smiling Dibia Koro told him they want to know the name of the daughter in order to prevent evil from befalling the child in time to come. A relieved Pelumi quickly gave the herbalist the name of his daughter: "Bolaji, Bolaji Agbekoya" he said.

Pelumi was asked to walk into the shrine naked, he wanted to protest but he later swallowed whatever thing he has in mind as he believes he is doing it to save Sandra who has done more than whatver thing that will be ask of him. After he was stripped naked by Dibia Koro, the other herbalist with Dibia Koro started incantations in their native language, after ten minutes of incantations, Dibia Koro handed the concoction to Pelumi, who sat down on a mat eating the concoction. After the ritual, Pelumi gave a bundle of 50naira notes to Dibia Koro, he refused to accept it, instead, he demanded he wants to ask for a favour from him, "we cannot ask you to marry Sandra, that will be an act of wickedness, but, we can beg you to take care of her and her child Sunday. I urge you to please take care of Sunday, he is a smart child, please, help his future" he said. Pelumi can read the passion attached to the plea of the old man, he had it in mind to take good care of Sandra and her son, but, with the way the old man has pleaded for it, it has become a necessity for him to see to that. Sandra was happy to hear him accept the plea of her uncle, at least, she didn't loose her eyes in vain, whatever thing Pelumi come out to achieve, it will all belong to her son, although she knows Pelumi have a daughter already, who will be in pole position to inherit her father's property after his death, but with the spell cast on him by the herbalists, he knows  the girl would have killed herself or better still run away from her father before the death of Pelumi Agbekoya, if only he knows what this single act has caused his future, if only he knows the damage he has caused on his lineage, If only he knows the generational curse he has placed on his family.

Bolaji Agbekoya arrived the family house a little early than expected, she was dressed in a black gown, she has her glasses tucked into her eyes in between her long thin nose, her handkerchief was wet, a sign that she has been crying herself out since she learnt about the death of her father, Senator Pelumi Agbekoya. Senator Agbekoya sister was the first to greet her as soon as she step into the compound that was filled with a lot of people including Gbenga Oremeji, the husband of her teacher in secondary school, a few other familiar faces were present to join the family in mourning the late Chief, she came across a more familiar face just after she greeted the sister of the late Chief, who she simply called Mama. Mama has been worried since Bolaji left the family house, she has been away since her mother died, she has not picked her calls, she does not reply her messages and even refuse to show up when she celebrated her 80th birthday some months ago. Mama was pleased to see Bolaji again, they both embraced each other warmly for a while, "Mama, am so so sorry" she said as tears rushed down her cheek, "I didn't mean to..." Mama placed her finger over her lips, she hugged her again and said: "It is okay my dear, let us go inside". 

Bolaji turned around again, she knows she recognized the face she saw amidst the crowd a few seconds ago, she looked around again to be sure she didn't sight Agbako standing closer to a man in suit, "maybe I am just curious..." she said to herself as she moved with Mama towards the door. The press gathered round Bolaji Agbekoya for an interview, everyone want to hear what the only daughter of the Senator has to say about the death of her father, Mama was not happy with the amount of crowd that is trying to get to her at the same time, she tried to get them out of the road, but the more she tries on her own, the more the press press forward, at last, Bolaji said she was going to give the interview, to the delight of the reporters who wanted to throw their questions on her right now, right here. "Bolaji!" screamed one of the reporters, Bolaji was not shocked to see Ruth amidst the reporters, she hugged her, she wanted to start a conversation, "not here," said Ruth who knows exactly what she was doing "I am here as a reporter and also as a family friend, as a family friend, I am entitled to publish our family story" Ruth said smiling, she signaled to  the two strong guys standing like Voltron beside her since she showed up, the two strong guys quickly guide the two young woman into the house, Everyone knows what's next, Ruth will be the first to publish official statement of the daughter of the Senator's daughter through her blog site, Ruth who has grown to be a Blogger owns a gossip Blog which many consider as the number one Blogsite in Nigeria.

As Bolaji walked into the room, Mama walked up to her again, she introduced some family members to her, family members she has never met, she greeted them all, one after the other, she was shocked to see Agbako in the room, Mama introduced Agbako as the assistant Pastor of a popular church in Lagos, the same Church Emmanuel, Bolaji's classmate in secondary school is a pastor of, she wanted to faint as she shook hands with a smiling Agbako who Mama just introduced to her as Pastor Dapo Ogunjinrin, she managed a smile, still in shock, she excused herself that she needs to be alone, many believe she must be tired after her long journey from Dubai, she walked through the stairs as Ruth followed her gently like she did when Bolaji fainted after she heard about the death of Mrs. Oremeji...To be Continue!

Thank you for reading today's episode, am sorry if it is short and boring, I promise you, the next episode will be better than this as we take a look at how the death of Chief Agbekoya has to do with Pastor Emmanuel and Pastor Dapo who was formerly known as Agbako, What was the generational curse placed on the Chief by Sandra and her Uncle?, How does this affect Bolaji? Who is even responsible for the death of the Chief? Is there anything relating Gbenga Oremeji and the Chief? Ruth, what's her role in all this? and Much More...Episode 9 comes tomorrow by God's grace. 
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